Custom Framing

Quality From Experience

DeBerge’s has been framing unique art pieces for over 100 years. We determine your needs and make sure your piece is protected and beautiful.

Custom Picture Framing

From Fine Art to Family Heirlooms

Whether you spent a lifetime collecting your treasures, have purchased that one special piece of art, or you’re framing family photos and memorabilia you treasure, DeBerge’s will guide you through selecting the perfect custom picture frame.

We use all archival picture framing materials to ensure your masterpiece will last a lifetime and beyond. From selecting the frame to the mat and the glass, we’ll help assure that your framing is top quality and a one-of-a-kind product you will cherish. Our large selection of custom and pre-made eco frames provides an environmentally-friendly option.

We also work with corporations and businesses to meet your design needs. We offer in-home or business framing consulting that allows you to see and choose your frame style in your own environment and allows us to help determine your exact design needs.

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Memorabilia and Object Framing

Display Your Precious Treasures!

Get your treasures out of the shoebox and create a display for all to see. Framing memorabilia and objects is one of our specialties at DeBerge’s. If you have something you want to beautify and preserve, we’re here to help design an attractive display of your precious mementos.

All of our framing is done to conservation standards, meaning that no corrosive products are used to adhere objects. We often hand stitch items so that the presentation is reversible for future use.

We have been entrusted to frame many valuable, cherished, and one-of-a-kind items. From museum-quality objects, arrowheads, gigantic flags, military medals, baptismal gowns, and football jerseys to ivory carvings, tequila bottles, and musical instruments, we’ve seen and framed a lot!

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